Making real
estate accessible

Metastate lowers the barrier to entry into the real estate market and makes it affordable for everyone. Invest in as many m2 as is feasible for you.

Metastate NFTs symbolising square meters in real estate.

Buy real estate

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A Metastate standard NFT.

one m2 at the time

Currently the real estate market is not accessible for the majority of us. The Metastate project was born to change that. Our properties will be split up in individual shares. We'll make this possible with the use of blockchain technology. Each m2 will be represented by a unique NFT, a secure and transparent record of ownership.

The trading platform will enable everyone to safely invest into as much space as you can afford. We chose the thriving portugese real estate market to begin and will expand from there.

The platform will also serve as an intermediary between those who want to sell real estate and those who want to invest in it. It will verify all the documentation and its validity, and provide pertinent information to investors. Backed by a team of lawyers and real estate experts we will make sure that everything is safe and sound for you.

Furthermore, you will not only earn from the value of your real estate going up, but you will also earn royalties on the price of the entry tickets going up over time.

The rebirth of real estate

A net symbolising square meters in real estate.

Beneficial for
buyers and sellers

NFT Buyer

  • Low entry cost - Zero friction
  • No prior experience about blockchain needed
  • Scaleable - Buy more as you can
  • No need for a crypto wallet thanks to NMKR technology
  • Your investment is secure, transparent and tied to physical property

Real estate seller

  • Especially for those who have to sell their property out of financial necessity
  • Sellers are entitled to 100% of the NFTs
  • Sell your property fast - stay for 6 years
  • No typical lengthy bureaucracy
  • No high interest rates

Get acess!

Those who buy this first genesis ticket will:

  • Be part of the project
  • Earn 3x more royalties from the project. Both from value of the NFTs and mediation.
  • Get 2 extra days of preemptive right on every new property.
  • Get a special role on Discord

What to expect

Metastate NFTs symbolising square meters in real estate.


Metastate will be build in 5 Phases. Download the whitepaper for more information

Phase 1

Q3 2022

Launch Discord | Twitter Page

Phase 2

Q1 2023

Website | Whitepaper V1 | Litepaper V1 | WL | Mint

Phase 3

Q2 2023

Hire Staff | Real Estate Investments | Properties Collection Agreement

Phase 4

Q3 2023

Staking Platform | First Physical Agency

Phase 5

Q4 2023

First Properties Collections Mint | Whitepaper V2 | Litepaper V2






A net symbolising square meters in real estate.

Anything left

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